Why I Don’t Freak Out Over “Unfollows” on Twitter

Cynthia Bartz • July 21, 2015

The majority of my marketing, just like many startups, is social media and content marketing. I spend a lot of time educating prospects, sharing insights from my industry that are relevant to my clients, and engaging in conversations. Building a following on social media can be a long road. Unless you have a viral worthy product or service, you will likely spend lots of time and energy on your social media accounts before you build a respectable follower count.

In the beginning there is nothing more frustrating than logging into your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and learning that you’ve lost followers. That frustration leads to questions of “Why am I doing this?” “Is this even working?”. About four weeks ago I decided to stop worrying about my numbers and concern myself only with engagement. I would much rather have 100 followers who respond to my posts and are interested prospects, than I would to have 1,000 followers that gloss over my tweets. An unfollow for my business probably equals a prospect that was never going to convert to a client anyway. So move forward this week encouraged, and engage with your followers rather than cursing them.

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