Day 3: Launch a Website in Five Days

Cynthia Bartz • November 12, 2015

Five Day Sprint

This is Day Three in my five day sprint to redesign, rewrite, develop and launch the CB.Graphics website. I realized that I give all this awesomness to my clients, that just doesn’t show up on my website. I’ve scooted by with a lack luster site and it’s starting to catch up with me. In order for my business to grow and for me to bring on new clients I have to take care of my own house first. For me, my home is my website. That is why I’m doing this crazy thing and designing and publishing a new site in five days.

What the Plan Was

  • Home Page Dev
  • Contact Page Dev
  • Portfolio Custom Post Type
  • Content Writing

What I Did

The focus for Day 3 was to continue the development work from Day 2 and set up custom post types. There are two custom post types in the Tilt Shift theme, one for service packages and one for portfolio items.

Custom Post Types

Custom post types are like blog posts, but have different formats and do not appear in the “blog page”. WordPress describes posts as articles listed in reverse chronological order. Since the introduction of custom post types, the use of posts has expanded to include other varieties of content.

One common use of custom post types is for testimonials. A lot of themes will use it as a central place to collect testimonials on the backend in the WordPress admin. Then in the website the testimonials are used throughout multiple pages. Below you can see an example of the three different post types and how they will look.


For my website I will be using a custom post type for my portfolio pages. I wanted these pages to really shine with large images of my work and clear descriptions of the project. The portfolio posts will appear on their own page in a different format from the regular blog posts. This is intentional for two reasons, the first that it should be obvious what is a resource and what is a portfolio item. Secondly, in regular blog posts words are king, but in portfolio posts the images are more important. Therefore the portfolio page should have images as the dominant element.

The service packages post type will be very different. These posts are not time sensitive, so chronological order is not as important. The purpose of making the service packages their own post is to make it easy to add and subtract packages as my business grows. Doing it this way will also prime my website for an online store.

Widgets & Plugins

In addition to the custom post types I also set up widget areas in the footer and side bar. These allow me to to add things like search bars, recent blog posts, social media links, calendars, you name it there’s probably a widget for it. My favorite is the MailChimp plugin that puts a newsletter form in the sidebar.

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress as a website platform is the ability to leverage a HUGE market of plugins. But in order to use all of the available libraries I have to set up the theme files correctly.

Content Writing

Not everything goes according to plan. Life, pets, kids, and putting dinner on the table inevitably conflict with the goals and plans we have for projects and business. I was really encouraged by a video post from SeanWes. He talked about allowing yourself permission to deviate from your plan when things don’t go the way you had intended. We make plans to set goals for ourselves, to keep moving forward, and to be productive.

I did not accomplish the writing that I had planned to during Day 3. I’m not going to allow this to discourage me from moving forward and completing this project on schedule.

Shout out to my amazing husband who has been patient with me taking extra time today to work on this project, even though it’s his birthday.

Day 4

  • 2-4 hours of Content Writing
  • Development for portfolio custom post type (con’t)
  • Development for service packages custom post type (con’t)
  • Install Plugins

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