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Cynthia Bartz • December 17, 2015

Is your website ready for visitors? Like many businesses you probably are ticking off all the digital marketing boxes: website, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, email newsletter, etc. You are putting your business out there and have a modest amount of traffic going to your website. It’s enough to satisfy your current customers and gives you a place to point prospects in the real world.

If you are doing every thing right, eventually your business will blow up before your eyes. Are you ready for that moment? Is your website ready? You’ve been talking about adding a portfolio to your website for months and haven’t done it. Or maybe you need to find the right plugin to start capturing email addresses. Or you realize that you need to completely overhaul your website and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

How will those things effect your business if one of your social media posts blows up with 10,000 views driving traffic to your website? Are you really ready? Or will you be missing a golden opportunity?

Capitalize on Web Traffic

Your website should have some sort of action a visitor can take if they are interested in your business. This is different for every website and will greatly depend on what type of business you have. Below are some example actions that visitors might take.

Call to Action Actions

  • Follow you on a social media platform
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Purchase a product in your online store
  • Contact you about purchasing a product/service
  • Request a quote
  • Share content on social media
  • Recommend a product/service to a friend
  • Order a sample

The goal in marketing is to turn shares, likes, visits and views into dollars. If your website is not prepared to do that you should take action now, because it’s not even working for your current visitors.

Provide Enough Information

You know better than anyone what sells your product or service. People who are intensely interested in your business will spend a lot of time combing through your site looking for information to consume. If you know that people are more inclined to make a sell after talking to you directly you might want to have a video or blog post that sums up your pitch. Or if people make purchases after seeing a demonstration you might have storyboard style diagrams of your product. Or if you get the same questions over and over again you might head them off with a snappy frequently asked questions page.

Whatever it is, it should be on your website now, not later. Not only will it help with sales conversions now, it will give your visitors more content to share when your clever tweet blows up on Twitter.

Don’t sell short on design

If your Instagram account is bold and beautiful your website should reflect that awesomeness too. You want to create a website that your visitors want to come back to again and again. When an Instagram or Pintrest follower finally pushes through to your website and finds a lack luster store front, that visitor will stay a follower and not a customer.

Having a strong, consistent design will also cement your business as established in that prospects mind, even if you just went live three weeks ago. The appearance of being a big polished brand will only help your business grow faster.

Do It Now!

If anything has come into your head while reading this article. Go do it now. Now. Not later. Make sure that your business is prepared to be big, because you are building something awesome. Don’t let your hesitations or lack of time hold you back from capitalizing on an opportunity that is just around the corner.

Think you need a new website for your business?

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