Career Coaches: Why You Need a Competitive Website

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Cynthia Bartz • May 4, 2016

You need a website, not just a page on LinkedIn or a listing on Thumbtack. You need a place on the internet to call home. Your career coach website is the place where you can demonstrate to prospects and clients that you are a professional that gets results without competing against ads and other users.

Platforms Go Away

As much as we like to think of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as big unsinkable ships, they are not. One day Facebook will go away, just like MySpace and Meerkat. And when it goes away how will your clients and prospects reach you? How will you reach them?

As much as we like to think of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn as big unsinkable ships, they are not.

Social media and networking platforms are awesome ways to connect with your audience and generate sales, but they need to be the introduction, not the whole relationship. When you have your own website and email list you have direct access to your audience. So when Twitter has a melt down and Youtube falls to the way side your business will not be caught in the crossfire. You won’t lose your network, because your network can always find you on your website.

What would happen to your business if Muse, LinkedIn, or Facebook went away today?

Better processes

As a solopreneur, you are it. Your time is limited. And any time that you can save yourself through automation is gold in my book. Having a website will allow you to publish online intake forms, assessments, and more. All those questions you used to type out manually can be turned into a form on your website and automatically emailed to you.

Creating forms on your career coach website also means that you can ask your prospects questions before they press “send”. Instead of clicking on an email link in your bio you can provide a link to your contact form, which can help you filter out the leads that are never going to buy.

If you are answering the same questions over and over again you can use your website as a tool to cut down on the time you spend answering those questions. Turn your answers into blog posts or a frequently-asked-questions page that you can point clients to and at the same time boost your search rankings. Your website should be like a brochure on steroids.

Built-in Sales Team

Your career coach website can be your best sales person. It works 24/7, never asks for a day off, and doesn’t require a steady drip of coffee. If your website is truly doing it’s job, it will help convert clients for you, and turn dead-cold leads into warm-slice-of-bread leads.

This is especially true of your clients that like to do lots of research before they reach out. If you don’t have any information out there for them to gobble up, they will start consuming from your competitors.


Just like good employees it takes time and energy to build a website that will work for you. It doesn’t matter if you hire an agency, purchase a theme, or go full diy; producing a career coach website that is going to represent your business is going to take input from you. But let me be the first to tell you that it is worth the time. As a solopreueur myself I know how challenging it can be to find the time to market and produce content for your online audience. My website has been a lead generating machine and is the reason my business has almost doubled in 2016 (and it’s only the first quarter).

It is worth it. Your business is worth it. You have something awesome to offer to your clients, and they deserve to find you.


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