Video: How to Reorder WordPress Archive Pages

Cynthia Bartz • July 18, 2016

In this video I will show you how to reorder pages on an archive page.

In this example I have a programs page for a dance studio. So, if I click over to the front page, we’ve got all of these programs that are generating these little snippets, and if I click on these buttons it will show me the full class page. We want these pages to appear in a particular order on this archive page. By default, WordPress is going to put this in order of newest to oldest. If I had not already gone in and changed the order of these pages manually, you would be seeing the Ballerina Baby first because it was published most recently and you would see the Tap & Twirl last because it was published over two months ago. That’s not the order we want them to appear in, because the visitors to this page don’t care if we loaded this class in first and that class in last. Let me show you how I like to do this.


The first thing that I do is list all of the pages in a separate document. I have already created that document here. I find it easier to start this way rather than trying to “manhandle” through the order otherwise. Right now the order is Baby Ballerina levels one through four and Performance Dance Team. I’ve change the order so that I can show you how to do this. Let’s just say that we want Performance Team to show first and then Special Needs Classes, Music, the Dance Camps, and then the regular classes for the Fall. I’m going to go through starting with 1 and number each one of these pages.


Now that we have our road map, I’m going to go in and change the menu order for each one of these pages. So starting with the first one, I’m going to change Performance Dance Team to 1. I’m going to click on quick edit. I prefer to use quick edit for this just because I don’t have to go in and change one thing out of a whole page. We’re going to change this to 1, and update. The next one is Special Needs, it’s going to be 2, Music is 3, Dance Camp is 4, and the next one is the Baby Ballerina.


Now that we’ve gone in and changed the order for each of these pages, I’m going to hit refresh and you’ll see that all the pages reordered based off of those numbers. Ta-Da! We have Performance Team first because it’s the lowest number, number 1, and all the way down. That’s it! All you have to do is change the order number and hit update.

If you do not have the order number in your menu here, or in the regular menu (it shows up there, too) it likely means that you will not be able to reorder your pages using this method. There are several plugins to can help you accomplish this, but if you don’t have this page order in here that means that the developer of the theme did not include re-ordering the pages functionality.


So that’s it! That’s all you need to do to be able to reorder pages on Archive Pages in WordPress.

If you have a resources, staff, classes or other custom post type you probably have a page where all of these posts are listed on one page. By default WordPress will list these posts in order from newest to oldest. You can reorder WordPress archive pages to appear in the order that makes the most sense for your website, rather than the default order used by WordPress.

Default WordPress Archive Order

default - how to reorder wordpress archive

However, a chronological order doesn’t always make the most sense for visitors. For example, if your most popular resource is one you posted a year ago, you probably want that resource to appear first, rather than buried three pages deep. To reorder WordPress archive pages you have to do a little finagling, but it is 100% possible.

Custom WordPress Archive Order

custom reorder wordpress archive

You can use the “Order” field in your page editor to create a custom order, so that most important post always appears first.

How to Reorder WordPress Archive Pages

You can manually set the order that pages appear on an archive page by setting an ascending order, using the “order” field when editing a post or page. <– That is a lot of technical speak to say that instead of seeing your newest post first, you can hand number your pages 1 – 10 (or however many pages you have). By default WordPress sets all pages to “0”.

This is one of those things that really just makes more sense when you see it. So, if you haven’t already, watch the video. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I love WordPress and I think it is a really powerful tool for small business owners. But you can’t harness all that WordPress awesomeness without gaining some knowledge of how to use it and leverage all the features to your advantage.

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