Where Do I Login to WordPress? Not a Dumb Question.

Cynthia Bartz • August 2, 2016

Where do I login to WordPress? First off, this is not a dumb question. And even though it feels basic, you are not stupid or incompetent for asking it. In fact, half of my clients ask me this question because, WordPress is awesome and complicated at the same time. You are not alone in feeling confused.

This article will answer the question: Where do I login to WordPress? It will also provide some clarity about making changes to your WordPress website.

Where Do I Login to WordPress?

The login for all WordPress websites is always at the same place: yourwebsiteurl/wp-admin. So, if your website is awesomesmallbusiness.com your WordPress login will be: awesomesmallbusiness.com/wp-admin.

Url breakdwon for understanding 'where do i login to wordpress?'

That’s it!

You can see another example below of what it will look like to access your login screen. You’ll replace www.yourwebsiteurl.com with your own website url.


The easiest way to be sure that you are typing in the correct thing is to go to your home page and add /wp-admin to the end. You know you are in the right place when you can see this screen:

WordPress login screen

Make It Easier on Yourself

If this information doesn’t stick because you have so many other things to worry about, it’s ok and understandable. You’re trying to run your business, not be ruled by your website. So, if you find that you need to come back to articles like this over and over again I recommend creating a shortcut for yourself by creating a bookmark or writing it down, so you can stop asking yourself: Where do I login to WordPress?

Add It to Your Bookmarks

If you use the bookmarks function in Firefox or Chrome (or any other browser you might use), add a bookmark for the login screen to your website. Even if you don’t use bookmarks, if there is another place that you use to reference links over and over again (like Evernote), make your life easier and add your login screen there. Don’t try to remember things that just take up space.

Write It Down

Make yourself a sticky note and tape it to your monitor or desk. Do NOT write down your password on this sticky!

Still Stuck? Try These Troubleshooting Steps

If you tried yourwebsiteurl.com/wp-admin and it didn’t work, here are some steps to help you figure out what went wrong.

 Add /wordpress to Your Website Address

Most of the time the link described at the top will work. On rare occasions you will need to add an extra piece in the middle of the website address because the folder that your WordPress website lives in is in a different location. So, to login you will need to insert one of two things.

First try: www.yourwebsiteurl.com/wordpress/wp-admin

If that doesn’t work, try: www.yourwebsiteurl.com/blog/wp-admin

Make sure you replace www.yourwebsiteurl.com with your website’s url.

You are on WordPress.com

I know that this is super confusing! Trust me, it still confuses me sometimes, but you do NOT go to WordPress.com and click “login” to access your website. If you see a screen with a blue bar at the top that says “WordPress.com” you are in the wrong place. There are two types of WordPress, generally referred to as WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The difference between these two is difficult to explain. However, what you really need to know is that regardless of where your WordPress website came from you will always access it at : yourwebsiteurl.com/wp-admin.

So if you see something like the screen below, close the window. You are in the wrong place if it looks like the screen below. Go to your website home page and add /wp-admin to the website address, and hit go.

You are in the wrong place if your login screen looks like this.

Is the Spelling and Structure Right?

Did you type in everything correctly? Don’t beat yourself up on this one. Everyone does it. We type too fast. We stop to think about our lunch and add an extra “a.” Goofy things like that trip everyone up. It’s all good, just make sure everything is spelled correctly.

Are there two slashes “//” between your website and wp-admin? There should only be one.

Did you forget to add .com, .net, .biz, .co, or whatever extension you have for your website? I can’t tell you the number of times that I have typed www.cbgraphics/wp-admin by accident.

You Might Not Have a WordPress Site

It’s possible that you don’t have a WordPress website. If you aren’t 100% sure, call your hosting vendor (GoDaddy, 1&1, Host Gator, etc). If someone set up your website for you, contact them and ask them where your website is hosted and how to access it.


If you have a WordPress website you can always access your login at www.yourwebsiteurl.com/wp-admin. If you find yourself constantly scratching your head and wondering ‘where do I login to WordPress?’ save this article and come back to it. Remember, that while WordPress can be frustrating, it is a powerful platform that will be able to grow with your business as you build up to even more awesome things. Managing your website is a learning process, and one worth learning if you want to stretch your client base beyond referrals.

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