How to Make a Sexy Lead Magnet eBook Image

Cynthia Bartz • August 10, 2016

You’ve got an awesome lead magnet eBook. You’ve spent hours and days and weeks curating your best blog posts or crafting the ultimate checklist or coming up with a fantastic workbook. Now it’s time for the hard part, creating that sexy lead magnet eBook image so you can plaster it all over your website and emails.

You’ve seen cool graphics on other websites, like the ones below, with a lead magnet eBook image of the cover on a real book or with pages peeled back. I am going to show you how to make a lead magnet eBook image like the one you see below using Canva. You will be able to change out the background and cover to suit your brand and your specific eBook.

This eBook Template is designed to be easy to edit – professional tools not required.

I designed this lead magnet ebook image template so you can use the tools you have access to. You won’t need to download any fancy professional software.

About Canva

While I have mixed feelings about Canva, it is a great tool to create social media graphics, headers, and blog post covers. If you aren’t familiar with Canva, it is a free online design tool that doesn’t require a degree to use effectively.

If you don’t already have a Canva account, you will need to create a free account to complete this tutorial.

How to Create Your Lead Magnet eBook Image

Step 1: Capture Your Cover

Open your eBook with Acrobat Reader (or Pro if you have it). If you have Acrobat Pro skip down to the next section, you have some options that Acrobat Reader doesn’t.

If you have Acrobat Reader:

Go to Edit in the top menu and select “Take a Snapshot”.

This will give you a special cursor that will allow you to select the cover of your pdf and copy it.


Click on the cover of your eBook

You should get a dialog box that pops up and says that it has been copied to your clip board.


Open a New Paint Document

If you don’t have “paint,” open whatever image editor you have or prefer. Basically we just want a place to paste the cover that we have just copied.

When opening a new document set the size to “clipboard” or US Letter or 850px x 1100px.


Paste and Save Your Cover

Paste the cover of your eBook in to the Paint Document. Save the lead magnet eBook image to a folder as a JPG or PNG. Make sure you pay close attention. Your cover should be perfectly centered and have no white showing along any edge.


If you have Acrobat Pro:

Go to File > Export to > Image > JPG

Note: this is going to export every page of your eBook, which might be good or annoying depending on what you need. I recommend exporting these images to their own folder and deleting all of the pages you don’t need.


How to export images in acrobat pro

Step 2: Open a New Canva Document

I’d recommend starting with the “Presentation” size document, unless you need this image for a specific application such as a Facebook Ad or Twitter Card. The “Presentation” size is a good large size and a nice proportion for most applications. Keep in mind that it is always easier to make images smaller instead of larger (you don’t want to have to enlarge your image and see all the pixels).

Select Presentation size in canva if you don't know what size you need

Step 3: Upload All Your Assets

Upload everything you need to create your graphic: the lead magnet eBook image template, your eBook cover, and a background (optional).

Upload your assets to canva for your lead magnet ebook image

Step 4: Place Everything

Place the lead magnet eBook image template on the document by dragging and dropping onto the page from “Uploads”. After it is situated, add the cover by dragging and dropping it on top of the template. Resize it to completely cover the aqua rectangle in the template.

Make sure that you zoom in really close. You don’t want any aqua showing at all and it is hard to be precise if you are viewing it at 50%. I find it easiest to start by lining up the top corner perfectly, the resize the image so that it just covers the bottom and right edges of the aqua rectangle (see example below).


Step 5: Add a Background (Optional)

Add a background behind your eBook. This all depends on the individual image and where your eBook graphic is going to appear. You don’t want it to look like your eBook is floating in a weird place. Aim for textures and colors rather than complex images that will distract from your eBook. You want people to look at the ebook and not what is going on in the background.

Don’t feel the need to fill the white space just to fill it. Things need room to breath and your eyes need a place to rest. If you are in any doubt don’t use a background.

Step 6: Download Your Image

Download your final image by clicking the “Download” button at the top. If you’re going to print the image, I recommend you download the high quality PNG version. Use it everywhere you promote your lead magnet.



Now that you know how to create your own lead magnet eBook image, it’s time to do it! Click the link below to get your free copy of my lead magnet eBook image template.

Have a specific question about creating your lead magnet eBook image? Shoot me an email. I read every email and try my best to respond to every question.


Download the Template to Use in Canva.

Create graphics on the fly for every eBook you produce. The Lead Magnet eBook Template is super large and can be used for both print and digital.

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