WordPress 4.6 Release: What You Need to Know

wordpress 4.6 release - what you need to know
Cynthia Bartz • August 16, 2016

As of August 16, 2016 WordPress 4.6 has been released. This article tells you what you need to know about WordPress 4.6 in plain, non-tech language. Before you read any further let me answer the question that is at the top of your mind: Yes, you need to update WordPress.

About WordPress 4.6

As always, there are lots of little bug fixes for plugins you may or may not have and themes you probably don’t have. Most of these fixes are related to security and compatibility with plugins and themes. Below is a list of plugins that are effected. If you have any of these plugins you will definitely want to update WordPress

You should update WordPress if you have the following on your website:

  • TinyMCE plugin
  • Twenty Thirteen Theme
  • Twenty Fourteen Theme
  • Embedded Youtube videos

New Features

Link Checker

The best feature for this update is the link checker. When you update to WordPress 4.6 it will check for broken links and bad urls for you on your pages and blog posts. There is nothing worse than realizing that you have a broken link that people have been clicking on for months or years. In my opinion, it is worth updating WordPress for this feature alone.

Improved Page Recovery

WordPress has also improved page recovery. We have all had this happen to us. It’s 2am, you are just trying to get a blog post published or adding some new photos to the website, and then the worst happens. It doesn’t save. Your internet goes down. The computer shuts off because you’ve been on the couch and not plugged in for hours. It happens.

The worst is when this happens and WordPress has not saved a copy that you can recover. WordPress 4.6 has improved this process to ensure you don’t lose your content when the worst happens, by saving a copy to your computer locally.

Updated Emojis

Probably the most important update: more emojis. ❤️

WordPress has updated their emoji base to include all the latest emojis as well as the latest design of those emojis.

Better Plugin Searches

There have been issues with the search function for both installed plugins and when you add new plugins for older browsers. The search functionality has been improved so you can actually find what you are looking for if you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

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Information Directly from WordPress

If you want to read the entire article from WordPress you can follow the link below. Fair warning: the articles that WordPress releases on updates are super techy. Most of what you need to know is explained above.

Read More About WordPress 4.6: wordpress.org/news/pepper

Bottomline – You Should Update to WordPress 4.6

You should always keep your WordPress website up to date. It is the technology equivalent of locking your front door behind you when you leave the house. If you don’t do it, it’ll probably be fine, until it’s not. Until it’s that one day that a thief is cruising through your neighborhood and breaks into your house. Then it sucks. Make sure you keep your website locked up by updating WordPress.

Even if you don’t care about security, there are lots of cool little things and little bugs that WordPress has fixed in the WordPress 4.6 release that benefit you. So, If you haven’t updated WordPress in a while go do it. Do it now! Most of the time it takes less than five minutes. If you aren’t sure what to do, or how to update it, click my article below to get a step by step guide on how to update to WordPress 4.6.

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