How to Find Your Brand Colors – The Easy Way

Cynthia Bartz • October 25, 2016

Your brand colors make it really easy for prospects to pick your business out of a sea of competitors. Having strong, consistent brand colors is critically important, especially for small businesses who frequently have many competitors. This article shows you how to identify the brand colors you already have. If you have a logo or a marketing piece with your brand colors on it, you can follow the steps in this article to identify, name, and talk about about your brand colors.

In the article before this I talked about the importance of keeping your brand colors consistent across all of your marketing and sales collateral, and anything else that represents your business. In order for you to keep things consistent, you need to know how to communicate with other people about your brand colors.

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How to Find your Branding Colors

It is really easy to identify all of your branding colors, if your colors are in your logo. If you don’t have a color logo, or aren’t sure where your logo files are, pick your colors out using the tool below. Either way, once your write them down, you should always use the colors you have written down. Do not go guessing, or picking colors that are “good enough”. You should always, always, always go back to your reference sheet when using color to make sure that you are using the same color every time.

I like to use the Adobe Color CC Tool linked below for picking out colors. I like it most because It’s really easy to use, doesn’t require fancy software and has all the information you might need regarding colors.

Open Tool: Adobe Color CC Tool

Step 1: Upload Your Logo

Go to the Adobe Color CC Tool link above. Click the little camera icon in the top right hand corner. Find your logo and upload it.

Step 2: Locate the Correct Colors

Generally Adobe Color CC will do a good job of picking up your colors. Make sure that you put the color selector in the center of a color area. Sometimes if the color selector is sitting on an edge it will be lighter, or pick up funny colors that do not represent your brand accurately.

Don’t be concerned if you do not have five colors. You are using this as a tool to document your branding colors. So, if you only have two branding colors you can leave the others as they are and ignore them.

Step 3: Add/Locate Supporting Colors

You might have a couple of colors that you consider to be in your branding colors, but they don’t appear in your logo. You can add or find those colors in the step.

Click on the color wheel in the top right corner after you have located all your colors on your logo. The view should change to something like what you see below.

At this time, you will change any duplicate or extra colors to black, white, or any other accent color that is a part of your brand. Click on the individual color to change it. You can change the color by dragging the sliders under the individual color, or by moving that color’s dot on the color wheel at the top.

Step 4: Document Colors

Write down/record/document the CMYK, RGB and HEX values for your colors in a safe place, so you can refer back to this information in the future. NOTE: If you only see RGB and HEX, click on the little arrow next to “RGB” to get more color values. You can also click on CMYK or HEX to read the numbers better.

Use my Brand Colors Worksheet to record all of your brand colors. This worksheet also includes a list of where to keep them and who needs to have them other than you.

Download: Brand Colors Worksheet


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. The easiest, and most basic thing you can do to brand your small business is to be consistent with your brand colors. Now that you are armed with information about to identify and label them, you will be able to go forward and maintain consistent colors for your business.

Understand that this is huge. You are taking a big step, and thinking about things that most small business owners ignore. High five for being awesome! And remember to reference back to these colors the next time you are putting together an advertisement, flyer or business card.

Download Your Branding Color Worksheet

2df78a45-84d2-41b0-8e98-08487fc64037Document your brand colors in this easy to use worksheet that you can fill out digitally, print, save and share with all the awesome people who help you get your business out in the world. In this worksheet you will be able to:

  • Document 6 branding colors
  • Make a list of who should get a copy of your brand colors
  • Find recommendations for keeping track of colors.
  • Bonus: Step Up Your Color Game
    Where I ask you 4 questions to help you make better design choices.

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