Mini Update: WordPress 4.7.1 – What You Need to Know

wordpress 4.6 release - what you need to know
Cynthia Bartz • January 11, 2017

On January 11, 2017, WordPress 4.7.1 was released, which is considered a maintenance release for version 4.7. In this article I will give you a plain language breakdown on what is in this update. I will also be answering the question: “Should I update WordPress?”

About WordPress 4.7.1

WordPress 4.7.1 is a maintenance and security update. You should not expect to see any new features or changes to your WordPress Dashboard. In fact, you probably won’t notice any changes in this update at all, because the majority of the changes are to problems that run in the background.

Should I Update?


This is a security release and is recommended for all users. If you haven’t updated to WordPress 4.7 yet, this latest version of WordPress 4.7.1 is more stable and more secure. Of course, you should always follow good update procedures, and back up WordPress before pressing that nerve wracking blue button.

What is in WordPress 4.7.1 Release?

Security Updates

There are always lots of new security holes that open up any time there are major changes. WordPress is no different. The WordPress 4.7.1 release contains 8 patches to security holes. These holes are all related to the WordPress Core, and not to any specific plugins.

If you have already updated to 4.7, you should most definitely update WordPress today, to avoid being exposed to unnecessary security risks.

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Bug Fixes

In addition to the security patches, WordPress has identified and fixed over 60 bugs. These bug fixes are spread all over WordPress and effect both the admin and your website. I am not going to dive into all 60+ bug fixes, however I have listed a few areas that are affected. If you use any of the features listed below, you will definitely want to update WordPress.

Affected WordPress Areas:

  • Comments
  • WordPress Theme Customizer
  • WordPress Theme Twentyseventeen
  • Distraction-free Writing Mode in Editor


WordPress 4.7.1 is a security and maintenance release that is considered safe and recommended for all users. This release contains patches to security holes that make your website vulnerable to attack. It also contains bug fixes that can affect your website function and the admin. If you are not sure how to update to WordPress 4.7.1, make sure you check out the links below.

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