Here is the Real Reason You Hate WordPress

Don't hate Wordpress!
Cynthia Bartz • February 9, 2017

I talk to so many of you who have considered WordPress and abandoned it out of frustration. What should be an amicable relationship between you and your website has turned into a burning, fiery hatred of WordPress. So, if you have ever said ‘I hate WordPress,’ this article is for you.

Why You Think You Hate WordPress

The number one reason people give for hating WordPress is that it’s too confusing.

I will admit that the information out there for WordPress is all over the place. And, there are so many things that you can get hung up on: terminology, hosting, logging in, dashboard, and so much more. There is a lot to be confused about.

Unlike other people, I’m not going to lie to you. Websites, in general, are complicated, not just WordPress sites. And if you hate WordPress, you probably hate the alternatives, too. Pretty much every website vendor out there touts that they have the easiest, fastest, prettiest, most effective product. And while these vendors may have made some parts easier, websites are still complicated. Things still go wrong. And they still throw techy terminology at you, like: c-Panel, DNS, Name Servers, and File Transfer Protocol.

Websites are confusing.

And no matter how fancy your website vendor is, you will always hit some kind of a wall – because even the pros do!

Why You Really Hate WordPress

You hate WordPress because you haven’t been given the right information.

If you are going to maintain your own website anywhere on the web, it’s going to take some training and learning. You’ll need to learn their platform and navigate things like a domain name ( and hosting. The reason Squarespace and Wix seem easier is because they have stripped out technical information from their how-to’s. However, their stripped out platforms result in restricted functionality.

WordPress is confusing because it is an open platform. This means that designers, developers, and business owners are all thrown into one big and very deep pool. WordPress itself does not do a good job of sorting out what information is helpful for developers versus end users like yourself. It also means that they often try to answer your very untechnical question with crazy techy background information you don’t need to know.

Even more frustrating is the fact that you have no foundational information to start with. And most blogs assume that you already have that foundation and background in technoloty.

This doesn’t mean that WordPress is impossible to use, or not worth it. But it does mean that when you run into a problem, you may have to sort through articles written for developers to find an answer you can understand. (Unless, of course, you are following my blog where I answer your questions in a non-technical way. Sign up here to get updates.)

Why should I bother with WordPress?

If you hate WordPress, you are probably still wondering why you should bother. Why is WordPress worth your time? Growth – of your own business.

I know you are building an awesomely big and amazing business. And while Weebly or GoDaddy’s Website Builder might be getting by for you, it won’t be able to scale with your business.

When most businesses get started, they only need a few pages: home, contact, about, and services. For a lot of businesses this is enough. But if you are ever planning to sell products online, blog, start a podcast, etc. you will outgrow your website. So, at the exact time you are poised for explosive growth you will have to start your website over from scratch, because it can’t do what you need.

When You Start with WordPress

If you start with WordPress you can add new features on to your website with fewer headaches. You can use plugins to to add extra functionality, while keeping all of your content in one place. If your content is perfect, but you need to change the design of your website (called a WordPress theme), you can do that without overhauling your whole site.

WordPress is flexible and powerful. And, if you need something really complicated, developers can implement your new features much more effectively on WordPress than on a website builder platform.

If you are planning to do anything on the list below, you should definitely get on WordPress now, rather than later.

Things WordPress Does Best:

  • Blogging.
  • Online Store – sell books, products, services, digital products and more.
  • Managing Content – powerful features that let you publish, schedule, edit, manage, and roll-back pages.
  • Manage Different Types of Content – Resources, Blog Posts, Portfolio Posts, Testimonials, Services, Staff and More.
  • Automatic Changes – WordPress can pull your most recent blog posts for your home page, set pages to expire, create resource or portfolio archives, and so much more, all automatically.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Event Calendars.
  • MLS Integration (for real estate agents).
  • Members Only Content.
  • Online Courses – Integrate a virtual course you are offering in your website, rather than pointing people to another website.
  • Basically anything you need that goes beyond a basic page and forms.

NOTE: not all of this functionality is built into WordPress. The features of your website will depend on your WordPress theme and what plugins you have installed.


The real reason you probably hate WordPress, isn’t WordPress, it’s the information that has been presented to you. If you started on WordPress and got so lost that you ran away or curled up in a ball, it is probably because you weren’t given all the information you needed, in a way you could comprehend. If you’re just getting started and are considering WordPress, skip over all of the frustration that other readers have experienced.

What you really need is a WordPress Website Starter Kit. I have created a kit containing everything you need to get your beautiful, powerful, professional looking website live without all the confusion. I cut through frustration by arming you with the information you need, while walking you step by step (with pictures!) on how to set up your website.

Skip the WordPress Frustration.

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