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Cynthia Bartz • February 23, 2017

Websites are hard. Seriously. I don’t understand why the internet touts websites as being straightforward and uncomplicated, because it’s simply not true. If you are a small or tiny business owner, you probably understand the importance of having a website for your business. People need to find you. And they are looking on the internet. You probably even started working on your website, but if you are reading this article, you probably never finished it.

There are three reasons you might have an unfinished website: Content, Overwhelm, and Tech Issues. In this article I am only going to talk about website content. Sign up for my newsletter to make sure you catch the rest of the articles in this series.

Unfinished Website Content

The number one reason that DIY websites, and sometimes even professional ones, go stale is content. Content is by far the biggest barrier to building a website. And most of the time it comes down to one question: What the heck do I put on my website?

To make matters worse, you can’t ignore it. The most important part of your website is your content. If you don’t have content, you don’t have a website. You could have the most beautiful website in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right words to express what your business is and the value you have to offer.

The most important part of your website is your content. If you don’t have content you don’t have a website.

Most people don’t think about content until after they have the foundation of their website setup. After sinking hours into searching for themes, purchasing hosting, and other technical hurdles, you finally get a few pages pulled together, only to realize that you will have to spend even more time writing your content. Ultimately, starting a website with no plan and no content will lead to an unfinished website.

You Don’t Know What Pages You Need

So, you’ve got the website up and running, but now you are stuck. Do you need a blog? What do you put on your blog? Should you publish a history of your business? What should go on the home page? How many pages do you need?

The answer is that there is no right answer. Your business will need its own unique set of pages, that will look different that your friends’ businesses and even your competitors. To figure out what pages you need, you need a plan. Ultimately you have to answer the question: What is the goal of my website?

The answer to that question will help you determine if you need 10+ pages or just one.

You Don’t Know What Should Go on Your Website Pages

Maybe you know that you need an about page, services page and contact page; but are stumped about what to put on them. So, you sit with unfinished website pages that say “coming soon.”

For most of my clients, the real issue is “blank page syndrome.” They sit there and stare at a big white box that starts to feel like a vacuum. So they end up closing their computer and walking away just to relieve the tension.

The first thing you need to do to overcome “blank page syndrome” is to just start writing, even if it’s stupid. It is way easier to write when there is something already on the page.

The second thing you should do is get out of WordPress. Open up a Word doc or Evernote or do the unthinkable and break out real paper. WordPress is awesome, but there are far too many distractions when writing in the editor. You need to be thinking about the content first and not “how do I fill up this space on the website.”

You Don’t Consider Yourself a Writer

Pep talk time.

You can do this. You can write. You might not win a Pulitzer prize, but you don’t need to. What you need to do is talk about what your business is all about, what you have to offer, and why your target client should pick you. Writing for your website doesn’t require a degree in English or even a passion for writing. The truth is, you write all the time, and you can translate those email and contract writing skills to your website.

You’ve got this, really. The next time you sit down to write, take a deep breath and jump in. You know your business better than anyone else. And if you are capable of communicating it verbally to your prospects, you can write well enough to complete your unfinished website.

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, you should always have someone else look at your writing. A second pair of eyes helps ensure you catch grammar and spelling errors, as well as awkward sentences.

Where to Get Started

Feeling invigorated about completing your unfinished website? Awesome.

Before you log back in and start writing, let me tell you: you need a plan.

I have put together an ultimate step-by-step Website Content Writing Guide, with 40+ pages to walk you through the process of planning for your website content. I wrote this guide originally for my clients to have a resource when writing their own content.
Complete your unfinished website with the website content planning guide

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And before you get overwhelmed by “40+ pages”, let me tell you that this guide makes writing your content 1000% easier. Instead of blindly feeling your way through writing, I’ve broken down the content into a series of questions which speak directly to your target market. I’ve also included resources for my top website writing techniques, editing and more.

Finishing your website content is as simple as going page by page through the Website Content Writing Guide.

What’s in the Guide

  • Writing Techniques & Best Practices
  • Writing Tools
  • How to Get Unstuck in Writing
  • Writing for Websites
  • Defining Website Goals & Content Pieces
  • How to Edit Yourself
  • Structured Writing Worksheets
  • Site Map/Pages Planning.

What customers are saying about the Website Content Writing Guide:

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-Becky Berry, Career Coach

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Stop Agonizing Over Your Website.

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