What You Need to Know about the Gutenberg Editor

Cynthia Bartz • August 7, 2018

On August 2nd, 2018, WordPress released a new plugin called the Gutenberg Editor. You make have seen the large notification in your dashboard, giving you the option to try it out. In this article I am going to tell you what the Gutenberg Editor is, if you can use it, and what it means for you as a small business owner.

What is the Gutenberg Editor?

The Gutenberg Editor is a replacement for the standard content editor. The new editor is supposed to make it easier for non-coders to add content to their posts, in the layout you want. It allows you to add text, images, videos, tables, galleries, widgets and more using a “drag and drop” block way of building a web page.

This is big. I mean huge!

Get excited!

WordPress is getting Squarespace-afied. And it is amazing. Most of the people who choose Squarespace (or other platforms) over WordPress is because of drag-and-drop design features. WordPress is now going to have these things built in.

With the new editor you will be able to:

  • Add columns (COLUMNS!)
  • Add tables
    • Previously you had to use an extra plugin or code them by hand
  • Easily insert galleries
  • Add images with text on top
  • Create a call to action with a different colored background
  • Insert Widgets onto pages and posts
    • Previously only available in sidebars and in special themes
  • Add buttons
    • Previously required a plugin, coding or special theme
  • Create reusable content!!!!!
    • So, if you have a CTA that you love to use, you can save it. Then, when you create a new post or page, you can easily insert the CTA onto the page.
  • Columns. (yes, it’s on here like three times, it’s just that awesome)
  • Full width images
    • Gutenberg will let you add images that span the whole width of your browser. So, you can add cool covers to the top of your pages.

Try the Gutenberg Editor Before You Activate It

WordPress has created a preview page, where you can read about all the new features, and try them out for yourself. Click the link below to test it out.

Try the Gutenberg Editor

Limitations of the Gutenberg Editor

I wish it was all rainbows, but there are a few things that don’t work that you need to know about.

Does NOT Work with Divi Theme

If you use Divi, and love it. Keep on keeping on, and don’t install Gutenberg. Divi is not compatible with the new editor. If you activate the new editor in Divi, you will lose your ability to use the Divi builder (which is probably why you are using Divi in the first place).

It Doesn’t Work with Every Theme

Depending on how your theme is built, the Gutenberg Editor might not play nice. You will just have to install it to see.

Also, some features, like the “full width” image, are only available in compatible themes. Since this is a new feature from WordPress, it is unlikely that your theme will be able to use the full width image.

It Doesn’t Replace Page Builders

While there is a lot of really cool bonus functionality in the new editor, it is not a replacement for page templates or “fancy” themes. So, don’t go firing your web developer just yet. You can’t add background images to pages, or create sexy looking landing pages.

It Doesn’t Play Nice with Yoast SEO

If you use Yoast SEO to help boost your web traffic, you might want to put Gutenberg on the back burner. Right now, Yoast has no idea what to do with new editor. Currently my Yoast statistics say that there are no words on the page, and no title.

It is NOT a Visual Builder

If you have a visual web page builder plugin or theme, and you love it, and can’t live without it, the Gutenberg Editor is not for you. While it is easier to use than the classic editor, it is not a visual editor. This means that colors and fonts used in your theme will not show up in the editor.

The Future of the Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is planning on rolling out this new feature in WordPress 5.0. Which means you have some time before you have to commit. If your theme is incompatible, contact your web developer to form a plan. You may have to stay on WordPress 4. If you have a custom theme, that theme will need to be updated to accommodate the changes to the WordPress core.

Let’s Un-Break Your Website.

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