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At CB.Graphics, we specialize in start-ups and small businesses. We design marketing materials that leave an impression on consumers and investors. We offer the full gamut of branding assets, from logo design and business cards to websites and social media covers.

We know your business is awesome. Let us help you communicate your awesomeness to your audience.


Cynthia Bartz

After graduating from Georgia Tech, Cynthia worked designing advertisements for a national direct mail franchise. Since starting her own business, CB Graphics, she has expanded her skill set to include web design and development.

Georgia Tech Alumna
7+ Years Experience in Graphic Design
SkillCrush Grad
Peet’s Coffee Drinker
11+ Years Experience in InDesign & Adobe Software

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“My last five clients have been a direct result of my website and new branding. I repeatedly have clients tell me how much they love my website and that they chose to contact me over competitors because of it. I am forever grateful for Cynthia and her insight into my business”

-Becky Berry, Owner/Coach   | Becky Berry Career Coaching |   beckyberrycoach.com


“Your insight was very helpful during our first meeting. I would recommend you to other small businesses for work on branding and logos. You are creative and in the end the final product was one of quality.”

-Mary Barillas, Owner | Big Haystack

How I got started in design

My love of design started with my dad. He’s a mechanical engineer, probably the only one I know who is actually good at product design, not just engineering. I like to tell people that I am a perfect blend of my parents, a 50-50 balance of free thinking and logic. I spent lots of hours of my childhood building and creating.

During my junior year in high school we had to read a book from our intended major. I picked up a copy of The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman. I was hooked and set my sights on finding an Industrial Design program. The program at Georgia Tech stretched me to my limits. I loved working through problems, and, most of all creating constantly.

During school and after I graduated I found myself working as a graphic designer. While it was a far cry from designing chairs and cell phones, I had found my true calling. I love learning about other people’s businesses and getting the opportunity to shape their visual identity. It is amazing to see how much of an impact design can have on a small business.

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