Becky Berry Career Coaching Flyers

Becky Berry Career Coach started offering workshops in the three areas of career wayfinding that people struggle with the most: resumes, LinkedIn and networking. I designed a series of flyers that were easy to update with up coming dates, as well as coordinating take away flyers. These flyers were pinned up in coffee shops, networking events, and other public spaces.

Final Flyer Design

We decided on a one sided print for Becky Berry Career Coaching Flyers for two reasons: a) it was primarily going to appear on bulletin boards where you would not see the back and b) it’s cheaper to print on one side. We printed them on a heavy stock paper with a matte finish that had a high quality feel with out a high quality price tag.


Website Product Images

In addition to the flyers, I designed a set of product images for BBCC to use on her website when promoting the workshops. We did not include the workshop titles on the images, because were always accompanied with the title of the workshop in plain text, and descriptions. The purpose of the graphics was to create visual interested, and create a connection to the Becky Berry Career Coaching Flyers for the individual workshops.

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