Fire Shield West Logo Design

Fire Shield West is a family business that is well known for their friendly, educated staff. While their business focuses on providing fire retardant and proofing products, they are well known as an authority in building standards for fire codes.

Their branding and logo usage had been sporadic and inconsistent over the 50 year life of their business.  Since FSW’s goal was to increase their marketing efforts, they needed a logo and brand that would visually communicate their authority.

The Process

I started working with Fire Shield West on their website. During our conversations about the website, it became clear that we needed to revisit their logo. We were going to invest many hours of design and development into building an online home for their business, and we quickly realized their previous logos were not going to reflect their new standard of branding.

Fire Shield West original logo on a photocopy of an ad

The image above is exactly what FSW sent me for their logo. They had no copies of their logo on file. Other examples of marketing they shared with me were often just their company name typed in whatever font suited the particular ad.

This method had carried them for more than 50 years, but was hindering them from growing the business beyond El Paso.


Fire Shield West wanted to use a variation of the flames that appeared in the ad above. After our strategy meeting we also determined that it was important to capture the old-school, family business feel in the design of the logo.

First Round

During my initial research I was particularly inspired by old gas station logos. They had that retro feel that is strongly associated with service and long established businesses.


I presented FSW with three logos to choose from. The bottom logo was what they requested before we started the design process. It was flat and blended in with competitors logos in the same space. It also didn’t have the same presence as the other two. We wanted a logo that commanded attention.

During our review we decided to move forward with the first logo, which was the most balanced.

Fire Shield West logo initial concepts

Round Two Design Revisions

After doing some test applications on advertisements and social media, we were concerned that the thin lines in the logo would make it too difficult to print. The last round of revisions focused on narrowing in on the colors and texture of the fire in the logo. We also added “Division of Garland Company” to tie into their other businesses.

Fire Shield West Logo Design Variations

Fire Shield West chose the solid, true blue logo. After the final design was chosen the files were cleaned up. I built a one color version with extra space around the flames for use on t-shirts, newspaper ads, and other one color applications. I also built an abbreviated version of the logo for social media that would be readable in an 80px x 80px square.

Final Logo

Fire Shield West Final Logo


Upgrade Your Business with a Professionally Designed Logo

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