LYSSA LLC Logo Design

Charles Rupprecht came to me looking for a logo for his business, LYSSA LLC. LYSSA is a testing and research based company. Their primary business comes from responding to government and private request for proposals related to the Lyssa family of viruses, primarily rabies. It was very important that this logo print well on documents, as the primary use of the logo would be on RFPs.

This has to be one of the most fun logos I have ever worked on. I really enjoyed researching about the Lyssa virus family and the origins of the name. Despite the sometimes grave topic, rabies has really fascinating ties to Greek mythology. In our initial conversations we had discussed imagery of chymerias, the goddess Lyssa, and other fantastical creatures. But none of them seemed to capture the spirit of LYSSA LLC.

“This was my first foray into working with anyone on logo design. Cynthia had a clear plan, attention to details, timely communications and adherence to projected timeline. I would highly recommend her.”

-Charles Rupprecht

About Lyssa the Goddess

Lyssa is the Greek Goddess of Mad Rage in Animals. She is the personification of rabies. In all of the myths I read she is described as having a calm before the storm aura before she inflicts rage. While she causes animals to go into a frenzy, she herself is not mad. I chose to show her in this state, in the calm. She takes her powers of creating madness as a great responsibility and pleads with the gods above her to find another way, to not force her to do this. I see her in these stories as being stoic, contemplative and full of the weight of her power.

Even more fascinating is her relationship with the rabies virus we know today. The way that Lyssa afflicts madness on animals is how the Greeks and Romans understood this confusing thing we know as rabies. And the viruses that cause this in animals are named for the what Greeks used to think caused rabies.

Animals and Other Elements

The animal silhouettes on the bottom of the logo are all animals that can harbor rabies: cats, bats, dogs and wolves, foxes, skunks, etc.

In my research I looked at multiple images of rabies through a microscope. It has this shape that is almost like a bullet. The outer ring of the logo is the Lyssa virus repeated.

Colors & Final Files

The full color logo for LYSSA LLC is very complicated, from a print perspective. It has six colors in total and would be very expensive to screen print. It works well for your standard home printer and digitally, but can be costly in other print materials due to the color count. For example if you were to screen print it on shirts you would have to pay for six screens, which means six times the cost of a one or two color print. For this reason I delivered four variations of the logo in total: full color, two color, black, and white. In the end we had more than 20 files that were delivered.


Branding Guide

As a part of my standard logo package, Charles also received a basic branding guide, which outlined his brand colors, recommended fonts and where to find them, recommendations for photo styles, logo usage, minimum sizes, and more. This was especially important for LYSSA LLC because there were so many options to choose from when creating new sales collateral.

Lyssa Brand Book


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