Reason Math Tutoring Business Cards

Ashley needed updated her business cards with new photos, logo, and branding style we had developed. We used Moo to print her cards, so we could print multiple fronts, one with each color from her brand.

Good business cards work really really hard. They communicate your brand, who you are as an owner, what your business is all about, and how to get in touch with you. It can be challenging to cram all of that into a 3.5 inch by 2 inch card. This was especially a challenge for the Reason Math Tutoring business cards.

“Cynthia just ‘got’ my vision for branding and ran with it- my website is perfect, so perfect, in fact, that I have turned over ALL of my branding material to them. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cynthia and her team!”

-Ashley Webber, Founder / Lead Math Translator at Reason Math Tutoring

Initial Concepts

I started with three concepts, which were sent to Ashley to choose as a launching point. These were all unique designs, based on her branding and previous marketing materials. We already new that we wanted to showcase the brand colors on the backs of the cards.

concepts_1 concepts_2 concepts_3

Ashley, after reviewing the first proofs sent back this:

I unfortunately love all of these. However they don’t match quite what I was envisioning- I should have sent you the notes from our meeting. I am planning on the Lux cards with the colored edges and was thinking my logo in the different colors on the front and then the text in that same color on the back with a photo of me- for some reason people like the photos. Will that work? What do you think?

I’m also concerned that the color is too strong. Most of the design work you and I have done so far is white with pops of color, not the other way around.”

After receiving this message from Ashley, I went back and reviewed the website design and some postcards we worked on earlier this year. I agreed with her assessment, that there was too much color and we needed to tone it back.

Home Run!

I reworked the design, incorporating the client feedback and the results of my own research of her brand precedents. Below you can see the final design of the Reason Math Tutoring business cards. They turned out fantastic, and looked even better with Ashley’s lovely face on them. We went through a couple of minor text revision cycles and discussions of print specifications.

final reason math tutoring business cards design

Need Business Cards?

Business cards are your networking lifeblood. When every one you know has a business card, then design become even more important. Because you want cards that make an impression and drive business. I work with you to make sure that the final design is not just awesome, but kick-ass.

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