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The Emergency Website Starter Kit


The Emergency Website Starter Kit is a one page website kit that has everything you need to take you from zero to website. You will get a professionally designed website, easy to use website editor, complete step-by-step guide to setting up your website, content writing guide, design tips, and more.

PLUS: Get two free bonuses!

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What You Get

The Emergency Website Starter Kit

The Emergency Website Starter Kit is a WordPress website kit, with everything you need to get started. This kit was designed for all levels of WordPress users, including beginners with no prior knowledge of WordPress.

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Included in the Kit:

  • A Professionally Designed WordPress Theme
  • A Comprehensive Walk Through Guide
  • Website Content Writing Guide – with writing fields specifically for your website
  • Header Image Template
  • Lifetime Updates – After the theme is purchased if there are any updates to features or bug fixes, you will receive an email with the updated version of the theme
  • BONUS: How to Review a Live Website – to make sure that you catch all errors and have correct information (a $17 value)
  • BONUS: Brand Colors Worksheet – to guide you in choosing colors for your website. (a $17 value)

Who is The Emergency Website Starter Kit For?

  • New business owners who want a simple website
  • Business owners who are redesigning their current site and need a clean and simple home page during the construction
  • Entrepreneurs who are testing the market for a new business and need a landing page before launching a full website
  • Business owners who operate primarily offline and need a simple website with general and contact information
  • People who need a website live now and just need something that works
  • Shops who need a splash page for promoting products
  • People starting a side business and need something to get them started
  • Anyone who wants a WordPress website, but doesn’t know where to start

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites have three components: Hosting (where your website lives), WordPress (the software that makes WordPress work), and a WordPress Theme (what makes your website look beautiful). Included in your kit is a fully designed and tested WordPress theme. I will walk you through where to purchase hosting and how to install WordPress, step-by-step (with pictures).

Purchase The Emergency Website Starter Kit:

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Professionally Designed WordPress Theme – The Emergency Website Theme

The Emergency Website Theme, included in the starter kit, was designed to be a simple one-page theme with lots of flexibility. You can customize every part of this theme to match the branding for your business. It was designed for business owners who need a website up quickly and don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing around with unnecessary features.

Design Features:

  • Customizable Full Width Image Banner
  • Full Custom Colors – set backgrounds, fonts, and logo colors to match your branding
  • Upload Your Own Logo OR Choose from 3 Text Logo Options
  • Bottom Content Section – can be used for call-to-action or extra information (optional)
  • Custom Contact/Intake Forms
  • Professionally Designed Theme
  • Preloaded with Sample Content

Simple One-Page Website – Customizable to Fit Your Business

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Website Main Features

While the one-page Emergency Website Theme is simple, it is packed with features and custom options to make it work for your business and brand.

Mobile Friendly

All CB.Graphics websites are responsive. This means that your website will look beautiful on everything from phones and tablets to laptops and big screens. With more and more people using their phones or tablets to access the internet, mobile friendly websites are a requirement.

Full Width Image Header

You can upload an image of your business, show off your product or services, or advertise upcoming events and specials. Image Headers make your website more engaging to visitors and clearly communicate visually what you do. The Full Width Image Header at the top is completely optional. If you do not upload an image, it will automatically be removed.

Included in the kit is an image header template. If you want to add text, a logo, or product graphic, use the template to ensure that your content is never cut off.




Custom Logos

Upload Your Own

The Emergency Website Theme allows you to upload your own logo.

You also have the option to identify whether your logo is horizontal or vertical. This option ensures that your logo isn’t too small or too big.




Text Logo

If you don’t have a logo, you can use the Text Logo option provided in the theme. This option lets you type out your business name, then select from three style options and multiple colors to create your logo.

Sans Serif Text Logo

Cursive Text Logo

Handwritten Text Logo

Backgrounds and Fonts

You can change the background color and font color easily. The custom color pallet allows you to choose any color. If you have brand colors that you have used before, you can type in the HEX code for your brand colors in the pallet.

Images, Videos and Media

In the content sections you can add all types of content, including: text, headers, images, videos, image galleries, links, buttons, forms, and more. This makes it easy to customize the website to fit your business.

Optional Call to Action Banner

The banner at the bottom can be used to display contact information, forms, a call-to-action, owner bios, and more. Use a contrasting color that matches your branding to call attention to what visitors can do next to connect with you. If you do not want a contrasting banner at the bottom, simply leave the content empty and the banner will be removed.

Websites Built with
The Emergency Website Starter Kit

Purchase The Emergency Website Starter Kit:

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Comprehensive Walk Through Guide

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your WordPress theme is if you can’t figure out how to use it. That is why I have included a Walk Through Guide that takes you through how to use every part of your website, how to set it up, purchase web hosting, install your theme, and more.

Why do I need a guide?

The comprehensive 40-page Walk Through Guide included in this theme covers all the information you need to build your website. This is HUGE!

Most website designers provide you with a short, 2-4 page guide that touches on a few highlights of the WordPress Theme.

My comprehensive Walk Through Guide walks you through every single step of your website. In the guide I cover:

  • Purchasing Domain Names
  • Selecting and Purchasing Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing the Theme
  • Theme Design & Function Settings
  • Setting up an Under Constuction Page
  • Setting up Your Home Page
  • Professional Design Tips
  • Support
  • AND Frequently Asked Questions

You will not be left scratching your head or wondering what you need to do next. This guide covers it all. If you are completely new to websites and WordPress, the Emergency Website Starter Kit has been built for you.

Purchase The Emergency Website Starter Kit:

$127.00 Add to cart

Website Content Writing Guide

Also included in your Emergency Website Starter Kit is a Website Content Writing Guide. Writing for your website is one of the most difficult tasks. It is often forgotten until you start to set up your website. Even if you only have a one page site, it can be hard staring at a blank website and figuring out where to start.

This is where the Writing Guide comes in. It contains tools and tricks to help you get out of a writing rut, suggested content topics, and more. Instead of just giving you blank pages to fill in, the guide makes writing easier by giving you a series of prompts and questions about your business. The worksheets included in the Writing Guide were created specifically for your website.

In the Website Content Writing Guide you will find:

  • Writing Techniques & Best Practices
  • How to Get Unstuck in Writing
  • Writing for Websites
  • Defining Website Goals & Content Pieces
  • Content Writing Worksheets
  • Editing Yourself

The Website Content Writing Guide is included in your Emergency Website Starter Kit and makes it easier to tackle writing, even if you have never thought of yourself as a writer.

Purchase The Emergency Website Starter Kit:

$127.00 Add to cart

Full Width Image Header Template

The Emergency Website Theme is a responsive website. This means that different parts of your image header will be visible on your laptop versus a phone. So, if you are adding text, product images, or logos to an image, you want to ensure that your text will never be cut off.

Your kit includes a design template to help you place text in the right place every time.

Lifetime Updates

I believe in a high quality product, and support that comes with it. If I find a bug or add a new feature to The Emergency Website Kit, you will receive a free update. I will also send you a short tutorial showing you how to back up your website and update to the new version.

Bonuses: Two PDFs for a More Professional Website

You will also receive two free bonus PDFs in your kit: Brand Colors Worksheet & How to Review a Live Website Proof.

The Brand Colors Worksheet will help you figure out the colors for your business. Whether you are starting a new business, refreshing your existing business, or starting to recognize that your business needs a tighter branding strategy, this guide will help you figure out what colors to use. The worksheet will also give you a place to document your colors so that you can be consistent on all your marketing materials from your website to your business cards.

The How to Review a Live Website is a crucial guide for ensuring your website is error free. The last thing you need to find out after your website goes live is that the wrong phone number is on your website or that you have a broken link. In this guide I share with you my process for reviewing live websites so they are close to error free.

Purchase The Emergency Website Starter Kit:

$127.00 Add to cart

Looking for a Website with More Features?

CB.Graphics is developing a collection of website starter kits that will be rolling out throughout 2017, including a full featured version of the Emergency Website Theme. If you would like to be notified when new themes are released, please sign up for the newsletter.

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